Windows VPS Licensing

Some customers may be interested in Windows Virtualization but are not sure which edition they should use. The following table outlines the number of virtual instances allowed per edition. Activation for server 2008 virtual machines is performed by manually by our Support Team at this time. If you are having trouble activating the OS please open a support ticket.

Edition Virtual Instances Price (monthly) Notes
Web 0 $10.00 Web Edition does not provide virtualization support. Web Edition can be run as a virtual instance or a physical instance but not both.
Standard 1 $35.00 Standard Edition allows up to 1 virtual instance
Enterprise 4 $45.00 Enterprise Edition allows up to 4 virtual instance
Datacenter Unlimited $75.00 Datacenter Edition allows unlimited virtual instances as you can physically run.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Can I run Windows Server 2003 as one of my virtual instances?
A. Yes. You may run earlier versions of the Windows Server operating system, but not later versions, by exercising your downgrade rights in the software license terms.

Q. Do the virtualization licensing rights of Windows Server 2008 apply when used with non-Microsoft software virtualization technologies?
A. Yes. The use rights apply regardless of the virtualization product being used.

Q. Can I run Windows Server 2008 Standard in place of Windows Server 2008 Enterprise in the physical operating system environment?
A. Yes. The use terms specify that the right to run Windows Server 2008 Standard in place of Windows Server 2008 Enterprise is allowed within any operating system environment.


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