How is the data stored in the cloud?

The storage for the cloud is made up of a distributed SAN. All of the SSD drives in the hypervisors are part of a striped and mirrored RAID over a special storage network. Your instance is primarily stored on the hypervisor that is serving it for quick access, making our […]

How much is Parallels Plesk Panel for cloud servers?

Parallels Plesk Panel licensing for cloud is exactly like a dedicated server. We offer Parallels Plesk Panel in four different editions. Web Admin Edition – $0.005/hour Web App Edition – $0.006/hour Web Pro Edition – $0.011/hour Web Host Edition – $0.027/hour Learn more about your options on our Plesk Panel 12 […]

How to setup SSL Support

The Basics If your web site uses SSL anywhere on it, such as an order form, we would highly recommend that you use this SSL-supported setup site-wide. The Steps Login to OnePortal’s CDN setup page. Click “Modify Hostname”. Turn “SSL” into the “On” position and press “Save Changes”. You will […]

Is there a firewall for the cloud servers?

Cloud servers work exactly like dedicated servers when it comes to security. You may use the firewall within the operating system to apply protection. However additionally you may use the firewall settings in OnePortal to protect your cloud server at the hypervisor level– meaning the traffic doesn’t make it into […]

What is Hotlink Protection?

Hotlink protection is an optional feature to the LSN CDN that allows you to protect your bandwidth by disallowing other domains from linking to content (images/videos/files) you have on the CDN. Block Hotlinking By Default Login to OnePortal’s CDN setup page. Click “Modify Hotlink Policy” Click “Block All By Default” […]

What is MP4/FLV Streaming?

Format Recommendation Most of the players do not support MPEG-4 encode, you are advise to use h264 videos. Start-End Parameter By default, videos will play at the beginning and play through till the end, however you can customize that through the URL. MP4 pseudo streaming’s “start” and “end” are in […]