How do I run a ping?

PING stands for Packet INternet Groper. This is a simple diagnostic tool implemented in both Windows and Linux that enables you the ability to test for basic communication between two network nodes within a LAN or across the WAN/Internet. The concept is simple – a special packet is sent from […]

How do I run a traceroute?

Both Windows and Linux have the ability of diagnosing the health of a connection between a source and destination machine by also testing the communication status of the devices that make the connection possible. Windows uses the command tracert for this utility. Linux uses the command traceroute for this utility. […]

How do I set additional IPs in Windows?

By default, Limestone only binds your first primary IP address. This is because there are different methods of applying your additional IPs that may require that they not be bound originally. Basic Here is the simplest way of binding your additional IPs: Login to Remote Desktop Go to Control Panel-> […]

Large file transfer gives error: Corrupted MAC on input

Symptom When you transfer a large file by HTTP it will disconnect and give you this error:

This can also happen on SSH, FTP or other protocols as this is a bug with the kernel driver for the network. Solution Turn off “offload check summing” with the following command: […]

Automatic OS Reloads

Limestone Networks has given you the ability to reload your dedicated server at any time through your control panel. This service is absolutely free and requires little to no tech interaction. Changing your Control Panel If you’d like to change the control panel installed on your server, you must contact […]

How can I restart my server remotely?

There are many ways to restart your server remotely without having to contact our Support team. If you have access to your server… Restart your server through SSH (Linux) Connect to your server through SSH and run either of these commands: shutdown -r now reboot init 6 Restart your server […]

How do I set my Primary IP of my server?

When you have multiple blocks, its hard for our Support Techs to determine which IP is your primary. Additionally it can become confusing for you everywhere we display your server’s IP address if it is not correctly set to your primary IP address. You may now define your primary IP […]

How do I use Limestone’s DNS service?

We provide 3 managed redundant name-servers for your convenience, If you don’t want the trouble of creating your own nameservers (eg:, you can use the DNS Panel located under the Control Panel Nameservers Before editing domain DNS information under the control panel, you must change your domain registrar’s […]