Automatic OS Reloads

Limestone Networks has given you the ability to reload your dedicated server at any time through your control panel. This service is absolutely free and requires little to no tech interaction.

Changing your Control Panel

If you’d like to change the control panel installed on your server, you must contact our Sales or Support department before starting your reload. If you don’t, your server will automatically reinstall the control panel previously installed.

Perform the Reload

  1. Click on the servers tab
  2. In the details area click on the OS Reload tab
  3. On the “Operating System Reload” page click Reload on the right hand side
  4. Use the provided password or enter and confirm your own
  5. Check the box at the bottom of the form declaring you would like all data erased and the OS reinstalled
  6. Click Start Reload

NOTE: If Auto OS Reload is unavailable then the column will read “Contact Support” and provide you with a link to instantly open a ticket.

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