How Do I Remove My IP From Trend Micro’s DUL

If you encounter issues sending e-mail due to a listing in Trend Micro’s DUL (Dial-up/Dynamic User List) the steps outlined below will walk you through how to get your IP removed.

Trend Micro will list IP addresses in their DUL if they do not meet their requirements. In order to have your IP(s) removed you need to change your rDNS in our control panel and e-mail Trend Micro’s DUL Team.

Please confirm your IP is listed in the DUL before contacting Trend Micro.Below are Trend Micro’s recommendations regarding delisting.

Trend Micro must see these changes prior to any removals. Once you have changed your rDNS email stating that you have changed your rDNS to reference its static assignment and are requesting removal. An example e-mail is below.

If you have any questions or issues regarding these steps please open a support ticket.


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