Limestone uses delegation when it comes to IPv6. Currently, One Portal does not support adding IPv6 rDNS entries. If you would like to have rDNS configured on your IPv6 addresses you’ll need to open up a Support ticket with the nameservers you would like the DNS delegated to.  

Can’t access your new cloud instance?

If you’ve just created a new cloud instance but are unable to connect to it, there are a few quick things you can check. Did you add your Key Pair to the instance before creating it? Did you add a Security Group to the instance that allows for SSH/RDP connections? When configuring […]

Connecting to your Windows cloud instance.

Once you have created a Windows instance you’ll need to retrieve the Admin password.   The Admin password is encrypted using your Key Pair. To decrypt it, you’ll need to retrieve your Private Key. You can either paste the private key or upload a private key file. Afterwards just hit […]

How to create a new Virtual Machine.

Log into your cloud control panel and click the “Instances” tab. From here Press the “Launch Instance” Button   Details Availability Zone is the database location. Currently only our Dallas location is available. Instance Name allows you to name your VM. Flavor lists preset VM sizes you can chose from. Flavor […]

Cloud Key Pairs

Key pairs are necessary for Cloud VM access. Key pairs can be created or imported in the “Access and Security” tab in your Cloud control panel. Creating a key pair in the control panel will allow you to download a private key file which you can import into your ssh application or […]

Creating security groups for cloud VMs

Security Groups can be created and managed in the “Access and Security” tab of the control panel under the “Security Groups” tab.   Press the “Create security Group” button to begin. Give the group a name and description and press the “Create Security Group” button. Once created you can create […]

Cloud Volumes

Volumes act as detachable storage that can be connected to any of your VMs for storage or bootable media. To create a new Volume Press the “Create Volume” Button in the Volumes tab of the control panel. Volume Name input the name of the volume here. Description input the description of […]