How can I pay with American Express?

How can I pay with American Express? Limestone Networks does not directly accept American Express, however you may still choose to use American Express through PayPal. A PayPal account is not required in order to use this method. Here is how to set up your PayPal billing source: Login to […]

Do you support my Custom Operating System install?

Only operating systems listed on the Limestone order form and installed by Limestone technicians are supported by our technical staff. We will make a best effort attempt to support OS installs not meeting this criteria if time permits, however in most cases customers with custom OS installs or “Install Your […]

How do I purchase additional IP addresses?

We have made it possible for you to add IPs to your server instantly through our control panel. Here’s how you can do it: Login to our control panel Click on the Servers tab Click “Edit Name/IP” next to your server Locate “Purchase more IP Addresses” Select the amount of […]

Do you offer Data Recovery?

We partner with Flashback Data which is an approved data recovery facility for Western Digital. They are one of the cheapest out there that also provide a no-data, no-charge guarantee. How much does it cost? The cost of recovery is $300-$5000 depending on how damaged the drive is. No-Data, No-Charge […]

Do you accept prepaid credit cards?

Do you accept prepaid credit cards? Unfortunately due to the high level of fraud associated with prepaid credit cards, Limestone Networks does not accept these types of credit cards. Unfortunately our Verifications department is unable to bypass this policy for any reason.

Can I run my own Minecraft Server at Limestone?

You sure can! Minecraft has a beta dedicated server available on their site which you can use to run your own Minecraft server. Simply check out our Minecraft Hosting solutions to get started. We would recommend no less than a 4 (quad) core server for this. Additionally, the more RAM […]

Believe there is a hardware issue?

We offer extensive hardware diagnostics. If you would like us to run hardware diagnostics on your server, here is a complete list of the work that we do: Check operational temperatures and insure that CPU is not going above 65 degrees celsius. Ensure BIOS is up to date and the […]

How do I upgrade RAM? [dedicated server]

To upgrade the RAM for your dedicated server, please use the following steps: Login to our control Panel and open a ticket for Accounting / Sales. Under the “Problem Type” box, select “Upgrade Request.” Under the “Server” box, select the server you want to upgrade. Fill in the Summary and […]