Do you offer Data Recovery?

We partner with Flashback Data which is an approved data recovery facility for Western Digital. They are one of the cheapest out there that also provide a no-data, no-charge guarantee.

How much does it cost?

The cost of recovery is $300-$5000 depending on how damaged the drive is.

No-Data, No-Charge Guarantee

If they are unable to retrieve your data then your only cost is the shipping.

What are the steps for recovery?

  1. You contact Flashback Data at 1-866-786-5700 and get a quote based on the speed of service you are wanting.
  2. You let us know you are interested in the recovery and accept financial responsibility
  3. An invoice is created for shipping the drive:
    • 1st Overnight – $63.00
    • Priority Overnight – $33.00
    • Standard Overnight – $27.87
    • 2nd Day – $15.47
  4. We will ship the drive and follow up with Flashback Data regarding the recovery until the data is retrieved or the drive is found to be non-recoverable.

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