Acquire an AutoInstall SSL voucher

Limestone Networks uses the AutoInstall SSL platform to provide our partners all SSL certificates. Along instant RapidSSL certificates you can now choose from VeriSign® (Symantec™), GeoTrust®, Thawte, RapidSSL, Comodo and TrustWave directly from us and get better pricing than if you were buying from the vendor. Please review the details below to acquire your SSL certificate. You can also install your certificates manually, if desired.

Before getting started, you will need to make sure you have the AutoInstall SSL plugin loaded on your cPanel/WHM or Plesk installation. Details on how to download and install these plugins are located here:

Our support team can install the plugin for a per-incident management ticket fee.

Once the plugin is installed:

  1.  Login to OnePortal
  2.  Click on “Services” in the main navigation, then “Licenses” in the sub-navigation
  3.  Click the “Register a License” button
  4.  Select the License Type “SSLStore Voucher”
  5.  Select the Server the SSL certificate will be added to
  6.  Type of Domain Name that the SSL certificate will be for
  7.  Press “Get License”
  8.  Press the “Show Key” button next to your new AutoInstall SSL Voucher
  9.  Copy the Voucher code and enter it into the plugin on your control panel

If you would like to install the certificate manually, please contact our sales department.


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